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EVENT: White Shell Woman Workshop
DATE/TIME: October 25,2014

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EVENT: Diné Iiná (Life) dóó Naataanii (Leadership) Academy

Fifty Dine’ youth, of whom 25 are male and 25 are female between the ages of 13-18, who are residents of the Navajo Nation, will participate in a three day Diné Iiná (Life) and Naataanii (Leadership) Academy with supportive adults. Applications will be chosen from their written essay about Dine’ leadership qualities of men and women in their families, community or chapter governments.

Program Description
In this model Academy, participants will interact with and be mentored by several former Miss Navajos and Dine’ consultants with specific skills and knowledge. Daily curriculum topics and activities will increase participant etiquette and leadership skills and strengthen participant’s cultural values. Using social issue themes from Dine’ oral traditions, hands-on activities, interactive role playing and demonstrations will help focus on appropriate Dine’ behaviors related to self-expression, social interaction, and public speaking in real-life situations (e.g. social ceremonies, chapter government meetings, public dinner events, and living in a household). Participants will also learn about social ceremonies for the puberty passage of males and females, which model adult roles. Skills in writing or a digit storytelling project will reinforce participant knowledge and 10 will be selected as Peer Presenters for younger Dine’ in 2014 MNCI Workshops.

EVENT: Miss Navajo Hero Twins Workshop
DATE/TIME: February 2015
9:00AM - 4:00PM
NOTE: Registration begins at 8:00AM

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