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"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention."— Oscar Wilde

About Us

Welcome to the Official Miss Navajo Council, Inc. website. This site is dedicated to all the former Miss Navajos. The role of Miss Navajo Nation is to exemplify the essence and characters of First Woman, White Shell Woman and Changing Woman and to display leadership as the Goodwill Ambassador. Miss Navajo Nation represents womanhood and fulfills the role of "grandmother, mother, aunt, and sister" to the Navajo people and therefore she can speak as a leader, teacher, counselor, advisor and friend. In March 1999, the Branch Chiefs of the Navajo government agreed that one of the fundamental principles of the Navajo government should be the preservation of Navajo culture.

Our Mission

The Miss Navajo Council, Incorporated (MNC, Inc.) is a non-profit organization, which is independent of the Navajo Nation government. The Miss Navajo Council Inc. recognizes all titleholders known as Miss Traditional Navajo, Miss Modern Navajo, Miss Navajo, and Miss Navajo Nation.

To promote the preservation of Diné/Navajo language, culture, and tradition; more specifically to advocate for the enduring qualities, which identify Diné/Navajo woman as the foundation, strength, and keeper of cultural teachings as established by White Shell Woman.

To serve as an advisory council to the current Miss Navajo Nation and the Office of Miss Navajo Nation, and to actively participate in aiding the current Miss Navajo Nation in accomplishing her platform and the mission of the Office of Miss Navajo Nation.

To promote and foster partnerships between former Miss Navajo Nations and Diné/Navajo community including elders, youth, students, educators, government entities, and businesses.

To perform all other usual and customary functions of a corporation.

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